Joseph Fiedler
The actual grass curtain is bamboo.
Here’s a peek behind the secret “grass curtain” @

I’ve wanted to do this for a while but haven’t gotten around to it.  I grabbed the CD pile from the BOOMBOX: what a nutty mix. Brenda Holloway Greatest Hits and Rare Classics, The Best of Barbara Lewis [Hello Stranger], Ry Cooder and Manuel Galvan Mambo Sinuendo, Complete Sister Rosetta Tharpe Vol.1, The Best of Esther Philips 1962-70, Ike and Tina Turner The Kent Years, Dusty Springfield Dusty in Memphis, the film soundtrack of Latcho Drom, Nusrat Fateh Khan Greatest Hits Vol.1, The Staple Singers Pray On, John Lee Hooker The Legendary Modern Recordings and Mountain Music of Kentucky 1959 [Folkways]. Hmmm… Once I get started painting I riff off of a groove or theme or period.  This is the record of one of those groove sessions. 
The actual discs.
Work on the table: The San Francisco Chronicle, Brigham Young University, Notre Dame and The Wall Street Journal.
Here are my current pin ups.  “We all have them…” a friend once remarked. Put’em up, take ‘em down. Newman’s Picasso, Bellini’s Saint Francis, Rani Singh’s Old Weird America, and Mexican dolls hung from an elk antler.  Elk antler!?  When I lived in Tokyo, I had the famous April Greiman Mac poster above my workspace the whole time.  It was my barometer or shepherd.  I finally got to meet April years later and told her.                                                     
Paintings packed for shipping to galleries. I’m in four shows this summer. I’ll let you know. Have to make some more.

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