John H Howard
October 2010
Police Officer  “ I clocked you at 80 mph!”
Driver “ Are you sure, I had the cruise control set at 60!”
Wife “ Don’t be silly dear, you know we don’t have cruise control”
Driver “ Shut up will you!”
The Officer writes him a ticket.
Wife “ There, you should be grateful your radar detector went off or your speed would have been even higher.”
Driver “ Can’t you shut your mouth!!”
The Officer writes up another ticket for an illegal radar detector and asks the driver why he isn’t wearing a seat belt.
Driver “ I took it off to get my license out of my back pocket.”
Wife “ Oh come on ,  you know you never wear a seat belt.”
Driver “ Shit! Will you ever shut up!!! “
The Officer writes up the ticket and asks the wife
“ Does he always talk to you like that?”
Wife “ Oh, Only when he’s drinking.”
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