John H Howard
June 2011
 My Toaster Oven Sculpture show has been sentenced to an extra 2 weeks detention in the isolation ward of the Kim Foster Gallery in Chelsea. Please consider making a humanitarian visit to these incarcerated victims of my obsessive drive to people my 2nd Life with these hapless products of an  unchecked ego and a brutal disregard for the dwindling space and rampant over crowding in other peoples brain space. Disclaimer. There  is a little video showing gallery goers coming and going with no apparent signs of damage or distress.

June Blog Bug
June is here and I must blog.  On sunday number one son, painter and illustrator Rupert married the fabulous Kristen on the shore at Sunken Meadow. On monday, Daisy Clarke,MA RCA, daughter two, opened in a show at Londons Viner street Gallery. Tuesday was daughter three Marlena's 18th birthday and she will soon be off to a yet determind art school in New York. Wednesday, Olly, son number two emailed me he has an upcoming show (TBA) in France where he lives, and his sister,Rachel, daughter number 2 released her wonderful set of celebrated celebrity screenprints  titled, Ugly Beauty. Thursday, tomorrow, I will be exhibiting my new toaster oven sculptures in Chesea under the pretentious and pompous title, The Elevation of the Specious.  It's a group show, but I am contained in the isolation ward - er, project room. I have to admit, we're a talented bunch.  Please come!
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