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JANUARY 3, 2012

Prompted by Randy Kennedy’s NY Times article on the the appropriation case against appropriation artist Richard Prince and its hilarious outcome, I thought I’d add to the ongoing discussion of what constitutes fair game as subject matter in the matter of art making. Titled  “A Brief Exercise in Selective Defacement” I amassed a pile of pages from art magazine ads that I’d drawn on and described as “Another daring attempt to circumvent the often painful process originality sometimes demands  by hitching a ride on the backs of others.” This seems a  well established strategy for those of limited resources, low self esteem and/or  are, delusional. The gallery got cold feet however and pulled the show and I was left with 30 cheap back plastic frames and the images I’ve put in this slide show below.
 The appropriated music is by the terrific Hungarian Lajko Felix who coincidently almost shares the name with my terrific grandson, Felix Lazlo.