John S Cuneo
family matters
One challenging thing about drawing for the Esquire Sex Advice column is that you can't really draw anybody having sex. The author can write about it pretty explicitly, but genitalia must not be rendered, and even body contact is closely monitored. It's like a prom dance at an art school. The brief on this one was especially awkward since the question was from a women who suspects that she enjoys "light S&M" as a result of the secret thrill she experienced when being spanked as a child by her father. (At Esquire, rendering father/daughter corporal punishment is also frowned upon). This piece is in the Society of Illustrators show.
here, I guess I tried to avoid the "father thing" altogether.
The "thumbs up" is cheesy, and probably overkill, but there was a need for some kind of "endorsement". I wish I'd gotten away without it.
For this one, a reader asks: " Is penis size hereditary, or did I just get lucky?" Yes, that's the way he wrote it.
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