John S Cuneo
February 2009
never been
i've never been anywhere. especially Italy. and unlike Joe Ciardiello, i'm no expert on Italian Circus Families.
but in spite of the above, my instincts suggest that this little sketchbook thing just might be entirely accurate.
 for an esquire thing about a guy who gets turned on watching his girlfriend "make it" with another...oh never mind.
more importantly - the above phone number just sold last week on e-bay for over $40,000.  if you know why, it's probably best not to admit it.
still unpublished
 sketchbook thing (for a never-to- be-published children's book, titled "Uncle Bub's Rainy Day Games".)
on an blessedly unrelated subject.  for those who might be interested there's a piece in the sunday ny times about the norman rockwell museum mentioning Steve Brodner's show last year, their new endowments to broaden the collection to include other cartoonists , illustrators and political satirists work, and the effort to "... transform the museum into a nexus for the study of american illustration art, a woefully neglected field".   i'd post a link if i had a clue.
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