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Tablet Magazine, Suzi at Yale

MAY 6, 2016
Sketch no.1. "too grown up!" Rejected. There were several photo comps that I created as reference for this drawing. The challenge was finding models that were 15 to 18 years of age.

Sketch no.2, Started drawing from my imagination. No reference.

Sketch no.2, second version, chiaroscuro, pattern, atmosphere, psychology...rejected!

Back to the drawing board, starting from scratch. No referance...yet.

Gesture, psychology...

More drawing...

Another pose to consider...

Standing pose, tennis racket as sexual metaphor, Frank Lloyd Wright looking on, girl on the bed, not loving the flat space of the background.

Found the "right" background finally. Asked a former student, Maria Ogelsby to pose as Suzi (she was terrific!) and hired a model for the Yale boy.

Psychology through gesture, hands, facial expression, space, and color, chiaroscuro, pattern, atmospheric perspective, angle of view.

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