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Cyclestache print

So I worked through my cycling angst and  moved on to a new friendlier illustration for the Local/Euro exhibit.
The idea for this one is a combining of the mustache with bicycle wheels. The rider has multiple mustaches, each twirled into a wheel. In the background, where the wheels are now, will be a pattern of bicycles.
The basis for this portrait is an 1895 photo of Paul R. Clauss, a famous rubgy footballer from Scotland, reference found here.
Below is the rough thumbnail concept sketch.

Below is the photo-sketch, combining the reference photo with the thumbnail sketch.

Below is the line drawing from the photo reference, with additional mustaches, eyebrows, and eyes.

Below is an in-progress step, building up the mustache, determining the palette, adding the background wheel pattern.

The first session in the print studio went well. I printed the yellow background and the pink skin color. The next session though I messed up when I left a ruler under the paper (a positioning method I was using) which caused the orange ink to darken at the edge of where the ruler sat (see the arrows in the bottom image below). After three prints, I realized what was happening and tried to fix it, but ended up getting ink on the bottom of the screen, just a number of mess-ups with the third ink.
The fourth ink started out well but my pulling technique needs more practice, ink again gathered under the screen (I think I pull too much ink). Later I realized the yellow and pink were too dark anyway, so a failed print, but hopefully a good learning experience.
Below are some process images from the screenprinting sessions.

For the exhibit then, I made a banner print, larger than what the screen print would have been which was good, and on Epson Fine Art paper, a sharp image on a soft cloth-like paper.
Spyhouse exhibit
Each semester at MCAD, I assign an annual project for my Digital Illustration students where they visit Spyhouse Coffeeshop Gallery on Nicollet and produce illustrations about the place, the customers, the workers, and the eclectic decor. This project culminates in an exhibit at Spyhouse of the student work.
This Fall, the Spyhouse exhibit coordinator asked if I would show some of my work after the student show.
My show is up through the holidays, not sure of the exact end date, early January I think.
Here’s a link to my Facebook event page for the exhibit. And check back in April for the next Spyhouse student show.

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