James OBrien
September 2010
Cyclestache print

So I worked through my cycling angst and  moved on to a new friendlier illustration for the Local/Euro exhibit.
The idea for this one is a combining of the mustache with bicycle wheels. The rider has multiple mustaches, each twirled into a wheel. In the background, where the wheels are now, will be a pattern of bicycles.
The basis for this portrait is an 1895 photo of Paul R. Clauss, a famous rubgy footballer from Scotland, reference found here.
Below is the rough thumbnail concept sketch.

Below is the photo-sketch, combining the reference photo with the thumbnail sketch.

Below is the line drawing from the photo reference, with additional mustaches, eyebrows, and eyes.

Below is an in-progress step, building up the mustache, determining the palette, adding the background wheel pattern.

The first session in the print studio went well. I printed the yellow background and the pink skin color. The next session though I messed up when I left a ruler under the paper (a positioning method I was using) which caused the orange ink to darken at the edge of where the ruler sat (see the arrows in the bottom image below). After three prints, I realized what was happening and tried to fix it, but ended up getting ink on the bottom of the screen, just a number of mess-ups with the third ink.
The fourth ink started out well but my pulling technique needs more practice, ink again gathered under the screen (I think I pull too much ink). Later I realized the yellow and pink were too dark anyway, so a failed print, but hopefully a good learning experience.
Below are some process images from the screenprinting sessions.

For the exhibit then, I made a banner print, larger than what the screen print would have been which was good, and on Epson Fine Art paper, a sharp image on a soft cloth-like paper.
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