Christoph Hitz
April 2007
Online Bully
The editor had an idea "A bully coming out of the monitor" she said. Marla called me for the first time from Atlanta Magazine. Since she was a new client and I figured I'd just throw in a few smart ideas and the "monitor idea" will be shelved, so I thought. I ended up sending two final versions, the magazine chose the card board version.
I'm off to jury duty this week, the fun never ends.

The Story excerpt:
“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”Nothing could be further from the truth for the nation’s 13 million victims of cyberbullying—the act of intimidating, humiliating, or threatening others via email, instant messaging, chatrooms, online networking sites, or text messaging. In this age of communication and connectedness, escaping the onslaught of cruelty is not as easy as outrunning some tough guy looking to
steal your milk money.
Change is good.
Since today is  Earth Day why not stopping by at Daryl Hannah's very cool V-blog? This is great content folks.
My studio fits into my "Rucksack"

I had a crazy busy week with a plan to leave for Long Island by Friday afternoon. Wednesday morning I got a call from Barron's saying that the story had changed and they just needed an additional illustration. The additional Illustration started to infringe on my scheduled departure time that I tried to keep in sync with my family. I had finished my Barron's assignment and had yet another approved drawing due Monday for the Wall Steet Journal. By noon I packed my Wacom tablet , the scanner and my MacBook Pro into my backpack and off we went. By Saturday afternoon I found a quiet room, connected my computer, streamed in my favorite radio station and finished the assignment. I can't tell you how many times I packed the car with computer equipment just to make the deadline over a holiday and still get some quality time with my family. Packing my "Rucksack" studio was a cinch, having time to paint some easter eggs with the kids was time well spend..

Happy Easter
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