Christoph Hitz
December 2006
Santas melt down.
A few years ago I came  across an article that said that a new, all year shipping route had been established through the northern hemisphere and that the poles are melting. I drew this cartoon just to get acquainted with the idea that all of our Santa stories need to be rewritten if the north pole melts. After all these years reading about global warming etc. I finally managed to see Al Gore's  "An Inconvenient Truth" a week a go.  With the  real possibility of the poles melting, I'm not so sure if I'm still amused by my foresight. In the new year I will make a bigger effort to reduce my familys carbon footprint.

Happy Holidays - Meditate don't medicaid
Last minute x-mas shopping groove.
ISBN 0-8118-2121-8
Last minute x-mas shopping groove.

This book would makes a great x-mas gift, since so many of You are into music and art. The book by Eric Kohler is great  collection of vintage record covers from the forties to the sixties. I do remember seeing some of theses covers at flea markets or at my parents house, to find them all compiled in one book is a tread. Eric Kohler brakes "In the Groove" down to designers, starting with: Alex Steinweiss, Jim Flora,Robert Jones,David Stone Martin and many more.  The book is available at amazon for less than twenty bucks. The density of visual information found in this book gets me in the groove every time.
Jim Flora
David Stone Martin
December 7th is old Saint Nick Day in the old country. I'm back to school learning how to get my old animated gifs to work in this new CSS world. CLAUS was initially published as a small booklet produced from of a single 11x17 sheet of paper. Form conception to finish I had about 6 days. The gif you see on Your screen represents just about the original double page size. In the print version the snow was printed with a random splash of glistening varnish. "CLAUSNOST" is the only page that I removed to keep it more timely.

I'm very bad in reading a tutorial and create new art work at the same time, so please forgive me for playing with my old artwork.

I can't wait to hear all Your CLAUS versions...
Aliens and Monsters, this one is for J.D.& David and all the Drawgers.
Santa madness is coming soon to this site...
I added some cartoon submissions to my site. I produced about 60 cartoon sketches in a 2 month time span. I still consider these roughs and not the final inked versions.
I did a few ink test back in 2005 and I don't like them anymore. Lately I'm thinking illustrator, just because the program is never lose. A perverted Idea ?

I hope everyone out in Drawgerland cracks a smile today.

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