Christoph Hitz
Infringing on a proboscis.
Emmett getting ready to cut a big smile
This year I grew quite a variety of gourds, zucchinis, butternut squashes, pumpkins, bottlenecks and Turkish turbans. My favorite eating squash has to be the butternut, followed by a baby zucchini. No matter how much we saute, bake and cook them, by the end of the year there are always too many gourds left over, resorting in friends and neighbors all trying to get rid of "damned" gourds.
Young Pumpkin
Looking through our heap of bottling gourds, Emmett mentioned that some reminded him of Goldin's noses. Soon the idea of building a Pumpkin Guy out of our summary of left over gourds was hatched. We figured he is going to have a big smile with a giant proboscis, holding up an Obama 'O8 sign.
Body parts?
We would have him sit on a plastic crate at the end of our driveway, waving to cars and pedestrians alike. We stacked the pumpkins on the plastic crate and used the sledge hammer to ram a steel rod through the center, giving "Stanley" a solid spine to endure the elements.
Happy Halloween
Emmett got the job to carve the face. "I'm going to carve some Goldin buck teeth, too!" he hollered and went to town. A tiny turban squash would adore Stanley's charming face.  Fancy pants stripped zucchinis were used for his legs, bottling gourds for his arms and and his stately proboscis.

Happy Halloween.
We aimed for maximum cartoon impact this year.
Bottlenecks gourd in spring
I saw the first car stop for pictures this morning, I had no idea about the power of the "schnaz"
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