Christoph Hitz
March 2008
Tapped Out.

The sap is dripping in my neck of he woods, the two professional sugar houses down the road look like something from the past with their steady stream of smoke and steam rising to the sky. I tapped eight trees in my drive way and made about two gallons of maple syrup with the use a propane outdoor cooker. Alex who let me  borrowed some taps and buckets called and invited me over for a tour, I figured I bring my cool pix and shoot some black and white.
St. Paddy Day Atlanta Style.
The animated gif is a combinaton of the sketches, tests and the final illustration.

I got this assignment a few weeks back from Atlanta Magazine. "Could you do a a drawing of the St. Patrick's Day parade?" the art director asked. "Sure," I said.  I've been to a few parades in the last few years, just to get a glimpse of my wife's nephews Paul and John playing the bagpipes while marching up Fifth Avenue. All the big piper marching bands train for this televised spectacle in New York. In the old days I would try to find a reference in my own books, or perhaps go over to Borders and try to find a book about Atlanta's architecture and culture. For some reason I just couldn't picture an Irish St. Patrick's Day parade to be like the one in New York or Boston. I wanted to give Atlanta Magazine an illustration that matched their parade. With a bit of luck I found this video clip on YouTube and started sketching from it. Heck, if all the bagpipers must play in the Big Apple, send in the clowns with cars.

Happy St. Paddy day everyone.
Totally Board
Over the years I've done less then ten jobs with illustrator. I used the application primarily to aid my work in photoshop. More recently I started learning the program more in depth, so when Rob Dunlavey posted the Salomon Snowboard competition I incorporated the challenge as learning exercise. I had fun, Thanks Rob.
Big Foot This one is about being the biggest animal on the slopes. I did do a few variations on this design at the end I placed the big foot prints on purpose where the binding is located to empower the boarder. Fable Animal I wanted to do a design for girls without the usual colors, it had to be cuddly but not too cute and I wanted to create a modern fable creature. It turned out to be a blend of a bush baby, meerkat, dragon, monkey and as i realized toward the end Spirou the cartoon character. The tropical look gives it a hot & cool aspect as soon as this board hits the slopes.
Carving Snake With this design I had teenagers like my son Emmett in mind. I wanted to emphasize where the boarder stands and illustrate what the board can do by creating a snake cartoon character. Snowboards make a more scruffy noise than skies, that notion prompted the scruffy dynamic look. Bloody Hell It's a macabre joke that will get peoples attention while lining up for the ski lift. Initially I didn't wanted to upload this idea until I got overruled by my family. They said it's 2008, anything goes.
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