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January 2012
Jumping Off-again
I have neglected you Drawger. It could be that I just don't want to post unless I feel I have something meaningful to show or talk about. Well, it's a new year with lots of new things happening so here I am.
2012 marks the first year in many where I will not be represented by G&C Rapp for editorial work. We all have our own opinions of reps, like we all have our own opinions on stock, and there certainly are some reps out there that are just no good. G&C Rapp is one of the good groups, my realtionship with them has been nothing but great, a truly productive, symbiotic five plus years. Never was I forced to take work that I didn't feel right for me, they always fought for more money, and they always had my back. I would say that I will miss them but we are certainly still in touch and working on commercial work. Yes, this is sounding like a love letter, eyes are rolling, but true.
Some of you who know me well or have known me for a while anyway (like a real long while) know I have a need to turn things upside down - like every five years. A sort of self imposed state of risk, jump off and you either hit the ground or you fly. Move all your chips to the center of the table so to speak. What I do now in illustration is a high point in my life, truly, I did not "get" my illustration career until I was 40, before that I worked in New York for over ten years jumping from job to job, some great and some not so good. But I have no regrets, fond memories of those days and I miss NY terribly. Those jobs, specifically my stay at Nickelodeon transitioned into my  first illustration career, some may know the work and others I hope you don't. It was a lucrative career but the work really wasn't me, said nothing about me, I had it down and it paid the bills.
So enough of all this. Here are a few recent pieces.
Happy New Year everyone!
Recent Newsweek cover. Pleasure working with Lindsay Ballant on this.
Wall Street Journal cover form this past weekend. Article is on cutting the cord, getting rid of cable. Funny that this job came in just as I was cutting the cord and going with a combination of Apple TV etc.
These two are from a recent group of illustrations for Bicycling. Most know I Iove cycling so is this really work?
I ma have posted this already but it's one of my two winning entries into the Society of Illustrators, editorial category.
This piece probably represents my thoughts behind jumping off, starting new things, new ways of working. Also chosen by the jury for the Society of Illustrators-book category. This makes me very happy.
And this is just a tease, a very small snippet from a book jacket I'm working on. Another direction I'm excited about.
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