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March 2008
Technically Speaking
PC World, Buyers Guide
I was drawn to Lou Brook's post about doing so many jobs for articles about technology. Lou's work for Sound & Vision shows how these things can and should be illustrated. These articles can be so hard to build a concept around. I suppose there are a few approaches. There's Lou's masterful, second to none, vintage pop Mechanics approach. There are the countless really bad computers with arms etc. I've done that, I know.
I thought I would post a few of my technical article pieces. My approach is usually just a head on assault. Embrace the hardware, the wires, the mechanics. I love getting lost in the detail of these, the wires, the screws etc. I try to keep the concepts subtle and I guess they are sometimes intentionally literal, like looking at a manual for your DVD player. I always found those types of drawings interesting. I'm a map geek too so I guess this all makes sense. These were donefor PC World, Wired, and the WSJournal-respectively.
For Wired. Building the perfect cell phone.
Wall St Journal-Photo sharing sites
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