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December 2006
I think it's too flattering.
Here's an experiment I just finished. My rep has sent a mailer out with a portrait on it so I figure I should get some more going. Following up on Friday's post of my NYT op-ed sketches, see final below. They went with the skull, and wanted it really dirty. Brian and Sam at the Times are the best.
Te NYT final
Boston Mag
No point in showing the sketch because it was pretty close to this.
Something I just finished for Boston Mgagazine on changing your life, losing weight, going back to school etc. This was the spread and then there were two 1/4 pagers and six spots. I hope they don't mind me sharing this with fellow illustrators. This was the ad's idea to have a factory. I sort of balked because I had done it so many times before, but it was fun.
This is a job I'm currently working on for Hemispheres. The story is sort of a fluff piece on the cruising industry. I'm having some fun with this, more organic than most of my work.
Recent Work
The idea here was to have an armored car pulling up along with all the mini vans and station wagons. Was going to have kids carrying stuff to their dorms while money bags and safes were being unloaded.
Here's a recent job, actually a month old. Cover of Chicago Trib Magazine. Covers are always good but unfortunately here I wasn't able to do what I wanted. In the end I got tired of fighting, I fight a lot, and went with their last ditch idea.
The old barrel concept
I never do dollar signs anymore but sometimes..
This was during the second round of sketches, still no go.
This was the final, ughhhhhhh...
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