Harry Campbell
This week in the Times
I was fortunate to be in the Times twice this week, both assignments fun to draw, and both art directors incredibly receptive and easy to work with. Thanks Peter Morance (Science) and Ken Mcfarlin (Home).

The first piece (science) was on a pretty interesting article, how the military buys some of it's computer chips from outside vendors, increasingly from overseas vendors, and how this poses a possible doomsday scenario to some of our high tech weaponry. Plausible scenarios like missiles being shut of with a kill switch mid flight. Anybody read about the drones in the New Yorker? scary. I thought we were against targeted assasinations.

Second piece was for the Home section. I've done this column before, sort of a how to, this one on how to buy a deadbolt lock. This type of material would make some illustrators cringe but I don't mind and actually enjoy trying to do something more with it, as long as the a.d. and editors are receptive.

A few roughs for the locks story.
The other idea for the computer chip story. I liked this one but was happy with the other, can't publish both.

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