Harry Campbell
Ghost Bike
Not sure if Drawger is the place to post this, but many of you know me as a bike person and many of you are bike people or otherwise open minded citizens who question how we do things here in America. Yesterday evening I rode down to the ceremonial placing of a ghost bike in memory of a cyclist killed last week. Ghost bikes are installed across the country wherever a cyclist is killed, I believe this is Baltimore's first. The area where the man was killed is central to many colleges including my art school, MICA, which you can see from the spot. He was in fact heading to the University of Baltimore where he was pursuing one of his many post graduate degrees. I am always ranting to anyone who will listen about how we live in such a car centric culture where unlike say France, bikes are considered a nuisance to most motorists, and as in this man's case probably went unseen.

So, fellow cyclists, please be careful out there, and when we're in cars be watchful and drive slow.,0,6006681.story

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