Harry Campbell
Montana ride
Here we are at logan Pass. This was about 3200 feet of elevation gain in 16 miles. We were very prooud, like our own Alpe D'uez (sp?) The other two are our new friends Joanne, dynamite doc and traveler and Bennett, my new friend the lobbyist, the good kind.
Hey Fellow Drawgers, I've been away a while, not too excited about work but busy as heck, yet always looking to get away from it. Just got back from Montana. I did 600 miles of cycling with my brother who I've been long estranged due to our religious and political views. I think we planned this trip as a way to find common ground after the death of our mother and only surviving parent last year. It went well, just a common goal of climbing the next hill, meeting new friends, and finding out that there is more to all of us than just who we're voting for in 08.
Swinging bridge over the Yaak River, intense. And it does indeed swing.
The Jammers carrying tourists. We rode our bikes up.
Yaak River-I think, They shot The River Wild here, Meryll Streep, Kevin Bacon.
Loved these Espresso Trucks. Nothing like a double shot fifty or so miles into the ride.
A break on Going to The Sun Rd.
My stead on the Sun Rd.

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