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Fits and Starts

JANUARY 24, 2011
I have a folder on my drive called Personal Work, should be called Harry's pit of doubt and despair. I know all of you do personal work, as do I, but it is the area of my work where I am the most insecure. E-mail comes in with a  job I'm like a dog on a track, no problem. Personal work I'm like a dog in a very large pen with lots of distractions. Anyway, here are a few choice selections from said file.
I keep telling people I'm due for a big shakeup, seems every five years or so in my life I have to just tear everything down and rebuild, a restlessness of sorts, or maybe more of a reaction to a growing sense of boredom with what I'm doing. Not sure what the shakeup is but the way to get it going is to just sit down and do some work, unpaid work.
Only 4 more floors of personal lives to illustrate. I've always been kind of fascinated by this idea of how anything can be going on behind the walls of your apartment, anything. Or in my neighborhood how in ten years I have no idea what is behind the front doors of these neighbors.

Think this was a rough for Soojin. I would live there-once it's finished.

I wasn't thinking Bakal, but....

Inspired by a drawing in the Bauhaus exhibit at MOMA. The trick is to draw it upside down-not just flipping it.

My boy-a bit of Rotoscoping I'm afraid.

Playing with the new line weight tools in Illustrator.