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I had a couple of pieces in the Times yesterday. For some reason I thought this bigger piece for Arts & Leisure was running during the week, didn't even see it in print yesterday, oh well. I knew it would run big but I'm told it was huge. So, in the middle of this illo of the book confetti my Macbook Pro decides to meltdown , video went out completely. Brought it to the Apple store and holy crap they fix it for free. In the meantime I had to use my old Mac and thankfully had backed up the NYT job among others. To add to that I am working in my bedroom as I am in the middle of expanding my studio/garage and it is a mess! A screwy week.
The second two pieces were in the Week in Review, article on the Health Care bill and how most Americans don't care or don't understand most of process of getting the thing passed, or what it actually contains. It printed way too small, oh well one big one small. The WIR job was of course one day, Friday. Kelly liked two of my rough images, one as a tease, the other inside, so twice the work in a short period of time. No big deal, we know the drill. I think the WIR printed too yellow, have to remember to ease up on that tinting when it's going on newsprint.
The image ended up being similar to a piece I had done for Soojin. Not intentional. My rough had the hands positioned as if plugging ones ears. The a/d or editor didn't see it as reading as such. So changed the hands to this, which looks more like someone being frantic.
a few roughs for the healthcare piece.

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