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March 2012
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Over the past few days I have been using my spare time to dredge the years work and see if there is anything I would enter in AI or 3x3. Well, it was one of those years where I was incredibly busy, made some dough, but still had a hard time picking out even a few pieces that I liked. I don't think this all a reflection of the quality of work but rather the blackness of my soul : ). But so this is what drives artists, not ever being good enough or entirely happy with any given piece for very long. I'm sure I'm not alone in that feeling, the trick is to keep going and knowing the best work is yet to come. I also spent a few moments just messing around with shapes and organic forms, thinking I would enter some unpublished work. These images are a result of that. That first image was done for my regular article in TIME Mag, a departure from my style but what they've been asking for over at TIME is a different solution, so I don''t mind coloring outside the lines.
This one was done for Soojin, kind of represents direction I would like to explore a bit more. Yah, I know you're going to see lots of veins and branches coming from me.
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