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September 2011
Sorry for editing this post folks, just all too personal I suppose. 
This piece was done for the Dallas Morning News, the author talks about finally being able to leave 9/11 behind. leaving it to the dead, and that's okay. I don't get many assignments like this, more personal or visceral, human interest, emotional, but I welcome them.
A few of my roughs. I wanted to go with a quiet approach. This is a subject that requires almost zero concept. Some of these are a tad heavy handed and maybe a bit embarrassing.
Did this piece for TIME mag over the weekend. I illustrate a regular column called the Curious Capitalist. Did my usual round of five or so roughs but they came back and asked for a likeness of Karl Marx, knowing that portraits aren't really my thing. Well, I want to make them happy and am so often anxious to get out of the rut that I welcome the challenge. In retrospect I think I would have liked a few more hours with this, doesn't have the density that I see it now needs.
I've been playing around with my vector lines, whereas most of my work to date has that consistent stubby ended line, I have been playing a bit with the weight, thicks and thins, much like I did when I used ink and brush.
The second image is a detail from a piece I just finished for a Chronicle book. I'll post the entire image when it's published. Also beginning to vary my line in this piece. A playground of line.
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