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April 2011
I was inspired to submit my American Illustration "chosen" images here. I do appreciate the AI judges "choosing" my work, however I don't really see much value in being on the site as opposed to being in the beautifuly designed book, I would prefer to be a winner or a loser, and am happy for my entry fees to go towards supporting what has been a great showcase of illustration talent, both seasoned and new.
Congratulations to all the winners-and the almost winners. Here are my two images that almost got in the book. I invite you to post your own.
BTW-Got the CA annual in the mail yesterday, and like American Ill I'm always humbled and inspired by the content. Congratulations to all my friends who were quite visible in those pages.
For Soojin-of course

For Annie at the WSJ. Was yanked at the last minute.

51 Folders
If you're like me and you work digitally or scan your images you have folders like WSJ 3/2011, contained within the roughs, revisions and finals for a specific job or a month's worth of jobs from that same client. I have 51 of those for this first quarter. I'm not complaining and I won't go into how I feel about most of my work, suffice to say I have plenty to submit to Adam's show of "SHIT" illustrations. If you're like me you want to do more than just finish another job, trot out the same tired solution over and over. So, anyway, it's been a while since I've posted so here's a sifting of the 51 folders, not sure I would enter any of it in SI, so time to shake it up, personal work, hit the street and sketch, something.
Again, like many of you I have tons of bills, house, kids, bikes, etc. I take lots of work to pay the bills, and I'm happy and fortunate to have it, but I still need to like it, at least some of it.
There are obviously things I like about these pieces or I wouldn't show, but sometimes it's just a color choice, it's slightly different from everything else I did that week, or it's just not total crap.
Discoveries Mag. Irritable bowel syndrome-really.

McMurry Publishing. Progression of a city as an analogy for evolution of business approaches

One from my weekly TIME Mag job.

From regular Wash Post job.

Wash Post. I think I did these little apps all week.

WSJ. Old school games like Pac Man.

Fast greens.


IEEE. Jobs like this I try to just get away with clean mechanical look. Definitely a throwback to old chemistry text book covers and the like. Steinweiss.

From reg TIME gig.

The roughs

From a job last week for Bloomberg. I called on Yuko to help me with the characters. I love using Japanese and Chinese characters in pieces like this-but they should be correct. Thanks so much Yuko, so professional, such a great help.

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