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December 2010
Work-post robbery attempt
For U of Miami Magazine. Super computer named Pegasus.

Hello from another lonely studio day Monday. I rarely have visitors in my little garage outpost here in the close in suburbs of Baltimore, but occasionally my kids will come and pay a visit, or my sweet wife Melissa. I can hear them coming across the deck I built around the back of the garage, and just like you know who's coming down the steps inside as you grow accustomed to how your kids all sound different as they bound downstairs, I know who's coming to see me in the studio.
Well, last week, or was it the week before? Anyway, I heard somebody coming across the deck, sounded odd, unfamiliar, but figured it was my wife walking slowly, playing games. Heard the doorknob jiggle so went to let her in then heard a little something at the window, then the sound of somebody bolting. Still thought it was M playing around but as I opened the door I sensed something else, sixth sense? I took off around the garage to see the kids swings swaying as somebody had just tore through-but the ghost was gone. Cops arrived pretty quick as the officer informed me "we already had six units in the vicinity". Crime spree.
Oh, and here's some stuff I do when not chasing bad guys. Did I mention that my dad was FBI? Maybe it's in the blood.
For NYT Week in Review. New aids pill that may prevent the disease, concerns about this leading to more unprotected sex.

D Magazine. Hi tech firms can't get funding.

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