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February 2009
The good fight
Op-Ed piece I did on Friday.
I wanted to post after I got back from the SI editorial show but couldn't get to it.  I am always so blown away and humbled when I'm standing before such great illustrations, whether it be Tim Obrien's guy with the hat in the rain, or Chris Buzelli's birds ( I know Chris, not your favorite) but stunning to the rest of us, Adam's stamps etc etc. So I'm thinking the whole time that man I gotta stop doing crap and really step it up, vow not to let art directors and more importantly editors push the work somewhere that I don't want it to go. Some of you may do the same thing, once in a while say okay time to re-focus, seek inspiration, make every piece interesting, and fight, refuse to compromise on bad direction, "no I'm not making that change", "not comfortable with that". In the end it is not possible to make every piece a great piece, compromises are made and sometimes you just have to take away a lesson from a less than stellar piece or one that didn't turn out as planned.
With that said, here are a few from the past few weeks, no unreasonable compromises made on these as all the art directors here let me do what we do. Thanks to Patricia, Orly, Leanne and others not represented here. And thanks to all you stellar illustrators who inspire me strive to be among your ranks.
First round of roughs
These op-ed pieces have to be turned around in hours. Love the pressure, no time to screw around. This one was on how The U.S. shouldn't wait for the elections in Iran before opening dialogue. Start now.
They liked the phone booth and minaret idea but wanted a Blackberry instead of the booth. I expressed that the idea wouldn't have the charm of the sketch- no wires going into the window, the waiting booth, door open. The door of the phonebooth being open is a big part of the concept-as the door is open for dialogue with Iran, so step in.
They insisted on a Blackberry as it is well known that Obama is fond of his Blackberry. Compromise? yes, but tried to make it work.

the final
This was a Wall St. Journal cover. The story is on intelligent infrastructure so didn't need a lot of concept, I sometimes just enjoy doing a straight forward technical type of illustration with maybe a subtle concept behind the whole thing.
another rough from the WSJ job
A rough from the WSJ job
Here are a couple of pieces from TIME. I do a weekly column by Justin Fox, usually on the economy, finances. One of these is on Wall St. bonuses, the other on how if every one starts saving and being thrify our economy will implode.
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