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September 2008
For Time
Inspired by Brian's posts on his TIME work, thought I would post some of mine for Justin Fox's column. This is a financial column, and as we all know solutions can sometimes be ellusive or appear as stock, or can just be done very badly. I know, I've have done my share of those. I try to avoid the blatant cliches or at least try to twist them. A few have been stinkers but looking back most seemed post worthy, and a few make me very happy. I am so grateful to be working for Time, as well as Newsweek, NYT and all the rest that have given me steady work. I sometimes take it for granted but over these past few weeks I have considered myself very fortunate and pray that the phone keeps ringing and the inbox is full.
Drill Baby Drill
The whole thing
How about the news today? BBC tells me that Iran is selling weapons to the Taliban, Shiites to Sunnis. The hatred towards the U.S is so strong that ancient enemies unite to fight us. Pakistan is now defending itself from US incursions into their country. I believe they even fired warning shots at U.S forces today, according to the BBC. They speculate that our latest efforts in that region are an attempt to bag a high level Qaida to boost support for the Republicans. All this on top of a once in a century financial event, according to Greenspan.
Okay, enough bad, hope you like my comic.
Mother Jones
Thought I would follow up Tim's inspiring post with my stuff from that issue. A tough act to follow indeed. I recall being somewhat stumped on what to do for this because I don't really do likenesses, I have a few but clearly I need to work on it. The article that I was given was about how the current administration is working full tilt deleting e-mails and other correspondance in an effort to shape the Bush legacy. Mother Jones is one of the few mags taking risks these days. As contributors I'm sure were all on some list of subversives somewhere.
I'm glad Tim brought this issue to Drawger, I'm thrilled to be in such company.
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