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April 2008
A wet week in Paris
When I'm working by myself for ten hours in the studio I'm always thinking of the next opportunity to escape, terrible work ethic, I know. Drawger doesn't all need to be work related does it? Oh, just got a message from CA that I got a piece in this year, so there it's now work related.
I just got back from a week in Paris with my family. We had to work this into the school break and took a chance knowing that March can be dicey weather wise. It's still Paris though and we stayed in a great neighborhood, very much off the tourist circuit, great market street, great food lifestyle etc. I'll have to postpone my plans for living in Europe for a year as even a week with the dollar so weak is so pretty rough. That coupled with the taxes means no more escape for a while, maybe bike touring, that's cheap. See the link to photos and blog.
The sabre sketch.
I was inspired by Edel's recent post of op-ed material so here you go. As always I usually won't turn Brian down unless I'm not around, act of god, something like that. This is from a couple Sundays ago. I never turn Sunday down.
The subject was how extremist Islam keeps coming back stronger and stronger, and how it also kind of steamrolls more moderate islam. I was a tad apprehensive and half joked with Brian about images of Muhammad, not funny and I hope these roughs don't offend. I knew that the islamic symbol wouldn't fly but had to explore. The snake was the final. I had the image in mind of Ben Franklin's "Don't Tread on Me" snake sliced in pieces. I liked the broken sword sort of growing more and more swords but a bit of a hard read perhaps.
another rough
the chosen rough
the final. Appeared pretty large on the page.
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