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February 2008
What the Buck?
My wasteful lunch
So I'm riding my bike down to my studio around lunch time doing my part to make one less trip by car, I stop at Starbucks for a light lunch and cup of joe. I only like Starbucks because I know the coffee is always strong, and I loathe watery coffee. After finishing my egg salad sandwich and small (tall) coffee I inquire as to the recycling policy of Starbucks, answer-"we don't"-"really, nothing"-"well sometimes cardboard" So, into the garbage goes the small plastic sandwich container, paper cup, and plastic lid. The sandwich container actually had a recycling icon on it. I should have stuffed everything in my pannier and recycled at home but it didn't occur to me at the time. Granted, I was feeling pretty self righteous as I had just yesterday traveled by bike and light rail from Baltimore to Annapolis to attend the bike symposium and meet with my delegates about doing something, anything, to make our communities more pedestrian friendly, and thus more egalitarian. I'm ranting, I know, I'm sending this to the fine people at Starbucks.
My 08 folder probably has like 30 jobs folders in it, crazy busy, ten jobs at a time? no problem. Then all of a sudden I'm nursing just two.
I've been preparing myself for the impending downturn to follow the slowing economy. I've been through it before and I would be a fool to think I am immune this time.
So-I had plenty of time on Friday when our friend Brian at the op-ed called at 1:30 with this piece. Love that kind of deadline.
Honored to be illustrating a commentary written by the esteemed Jimmy Carter-and James Baker 3rd. This was on voter picture I.D. cards, a bipartisan piece.

Well, if next week is slow I'll have more time to get caught up on Drawger.
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