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August 2007
bikes good, cars bad
OH-this is a piece I did for The NYT City section on fixies, fixed gear bikes. I love bikes and I love the idea of traveling and running errands by bike. When I'm out riding some drivers treat me like a bug, an irritant, even friends of mine who are quite open minded see the cyclists as pests. Ok, I'm done.
Adam's post on Afghanistan and the beautiful art on war got me going-but instead of hijacking his post, which I sometimes do to others, sorry, thought I would post this. I was watching TV last night, won't tell you what I was watching but it was one of these home improvement, flipping shows which my wife loves and which I just rant and cus at all the way through. Anyway, a commercial for Walmart comes on and it's all these people standing around pumping gas saying how much it (gas) costs. So all these gas pumpers have quotes regarding high prices and how we have to spend on gas but we can save at Walmart on other "essentials". So this one actor's line goes like this- "What am I supposed to do ride a moped to work" What? yes you should! Advertising making something very reasnable and sane seem silly and unthinkable. Ever been to Europe? Asia? where the bike is a necessary and affordable means of transportation? In Paris where the streets are crowded with every imaginable two wheeled transport? Amsterdam, etc etc.
NYT National work
I've been doing this weekly piece for the NYT National section since January. It's a small illustration to accompany a legal column. Of course it is the Times so it is often a contentious issue, timely etc. I haven't posted any work in a while and was inspired by Edel's posting of his op-ed piece. When I look at what I do every day a huge amount is tech oriented, non human, non emotional work, though I love it. I love taking stories on os software etc. and doing something different and fresh. But the Times gives me a chance to get involved in serious issues both in this legal column which is written by the brilliant writer Adam Liptak, and the op-ed work that Brian Rea sends my way. Looking back at these legal pieces and others wow do they add up quick, this is but a sampling.
My Maine studio
My studio in Camden for a few days, free wi-fi, good espresso and italina sodas-what could be better? I think I banged out about five jobs in there.
Hello, fellow Drawgers. I just got back from Maine, about a week with my nine year old son Evan. We visited with my friend Jonathan Carlson and his son Declan in beautiful Camden Maine, and then headed up to Acadia back to Nh and up Mt. Washington. I have been traveling a bit this summer and need to get work done too so this trip was my first real test of the mobile studio. My new 17" powerbook, small wacom tablet and cell phone all fit in a small backpack. I worked while my son was sleeping, and I worked in a coffee shop in Maine. I could just hit the road for good.
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