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Days of Fortune
Taking time away from the studio can be tough as many of you surely know. Jobs need to be completed before leaving and inevitably jobs will come in while your gone that if you can't put off you have to pass on. But you have to go. I did indeed go, to Florida for a week of cycling with friends, great time, sun, smiles and miles, what could be better?
The week before I left was one of those weeks where things just keep mounting, you get calls for jobs that you just cannot turn down, this New Yorker full page was of course one of those, in addition there was a TIME mag full page/cover that I did roughs for but alas it went another direction. No worries, my plate was full with my regular jobs for Time and others. The last job I worked on was for Bicycling, very appropriate.
These are fortunate days for me and I recognize that, being busy is good and it's never guaranteed to last, so I savor it. In addition to my good fortune with business my personal life has been looking up. My son Ian has been accepted into an acting program at a small liberal arts school in NYC, he's pumped, I'm proud, and I know in my gut and heart that it's right. I of course love NY, I feel more at home there than anywhere else and so now I get to live there vicariously through Ian and of course visit more often. All of  this is of course contingent on financing.
life is full of tragedy and triumph, last year I was posting about losing my sister, now I'm posting about my son flying high. Funny thing with me, I am told this is a reaction to growing up in an unsettled home as a child, that I expect doom to lay waiting around every corner. Don't get too excited if things are looking great, and life is sweet, because you'll get thumped for sure. This of course is not always the case.
Anyway, here is my New Yorker full page and a few other things. I did a bunch of roughs for the NY full and it was a pleasure working with art director Jordan Awan. The job involved a bit more art direction and editorial input than I'm accustmed to but in the end all worked out, I did have to gently apply the brakes a few times : )
Thanks dear audience for allowing me intersperse personal with professional, it's not like we're accountants. No offense CPAs.
PS-I was also happy to get an e-mail yesterday announcing that I have two pieces in the American Illustration annual. One is that vein piece that everybody has seen, second is a book jacket for Harper Collins, it's not published yet so I'm just providing snipets. I look forward to posting the whole process when it eventually gets published.
The New Yorker article was a long piece, it's the New Yorker, about the Daily Mail, a London tabloid. The article delved into their history, recent trends etc. The newspaper is all over the place as far as what they publish, crime, scandal, political malfiesence, a lot to distill for an illustration. Jordan wanted me to keep it simple and graphic and so I did. I chose the teacup as an available cliche for British snobbery and moral high ground, which the paper takes on ocassion, mixed with some rather unsavory or sinister imagery. I liked the snake in the teacup, but I just like drawing snakes.
I played around with a few of these newspaper collage approaches, I had done something similar for TIME mag with pretty decent results. I imagined them much more refined and constructed in final. They liked them and you can see a bit of it in the final published illustration.
These two nearly finished version were kind of the high water mark of detail and content, we reeled it back in a bit from here.
And here are a few slices of the book jacket. I really enjoyed working on this and want to do more, but not sure what. 

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