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AUGUST 17, 2009
Okay third post on me trying to get excited about my work, blah, blah, blah. So indulge me one more time as some have asked about the banner image. I'm sure many of you experience that place where you just show up and work, kind of like a job that you tire of. Well, maybe not entirely, I have a great job, I love the freedom I have to not set my alarm, hop out of bed into the same pants I wore yesterday and the flip flops that have worn in nicely over the summer. Maybe I just get lazy and need to get my s--- together now and again.

Well, Soojin is of course one of the best people to try something new for, I mean, that's why she calls. Harry, the subject is "unreasonable" that's it or "too much" . This was to be a cover and used as a full page as well.
I did a few roughs that said unreasonable or too much and then I just felt like drawing an elephant or maybe I was thinking of an elephant in a small room which of course is "too much." The actual article was on something like how do you know when your charging your clients too much. In my sketch the elephnat was on a stage and just had this thing on his back. Soojin simply had one comment which was to put the elephant on a ball to convey this balancing act idea. I took that one step further to a tightrope and added the spinning plates.

The rough for the elephant idea.
My thinking here was like a huge invoice arriving and tearing through several floors before landing on your desk. Still too connected to the business thing-cliche?
Unreasonable. It may be a bit too influenced by the work of others.
The image that we ended up doing doesn't leave any room for the masthead or cover copy, though I did make the image more vertical so Soojin could move it and use more of that less detailed top area, also serves to make the inside piece slightly different from the cover. I offered to do a second image for the cover, but of course she wouldn't think of it. I'm dying to see how the cover comes out.