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artists in my house

JANUARY 19, 2007
I brought two of my sons, Ian 13, and Evan 8 up to NY last weekend. Here they are at MOMA. Bought them brand new sketch books in the giftshop and off they went. They both show quite a bit of interest in drawing and also looking at art. They're just like I was, awkward with sports and just about everything else. I was never more proud of them then I was that day watching them studying, and drawing works by Picasso, Giacometti, etc. People came up to me and asked if they were my kids, asked if they could take their pictures etc. They aren't pretty on the soccer field but I think they're beginning to know where they belong. I took Ian to London and Paris in 05 and he loved the Tate Modern,The Pompidou, D'orsay(sp). Evan was wearing wheelies that day at MOMA. For those of you without eight year olds, wheelies are shoes with wheels in the heels. As Evan hadn't mastered these wheels yet I just pictured him rolling into, well you get the picture.. I'll get their sketches scanned and posted as soon as I get a new scanner.