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Soft Landing

APRIL 19, 2010
Soojin strikes again. I get so many assignments where I feel restricted, or I'm self editing in expectations of the art director or worse the editor wanting something more literal. With Soojin's jobs the process of generating ideas is a joy, just sitting down and letting them flow, or sometimes not, but usually they do. The biggest obstacle for me is to just let go of all the worries that I normally have with a job. How close do I have to interpret the story, what are their expectations? The art direction on this was simply "planes landing safely". I was a bit stumped as I didn't want to just do a plane landing and also I remember so many jobs after 9/11 where planes were involved, they had to be going up, not appear to be crashing or in peril. Weird how your mind can throw up roadblocks just because way in the back of your head you have these lingering memories of past jobs.
I briefly posted this piece back in late March but the mag hadn't gone live online yet so I yanked it.