Steve Wacksman
April 2010
Recycle, Reuse, Send Invoice
The boar in it's second appearance, this time for Mrs SJB/Plansponsor
Most of you I'm certain have heard that cats have nine lives. But were you equally aware that the wild boar has two?
Have I piqued your curiosity, reader? Yes? Well then allow me to explain.

The wild boar with an industrial howdah buckled to his back (image below) was an uncommissioned piece I did a while back, part of a series which can be seen here. I posted the series on Drawger along with some florid and cheesy text and it received a host of thoughtful and encouraging responses. Apart from that it remains a homeless series of works. I've considered reviving the series, developing a book or maybe prints. I may well do so, but as so often happens the muse moves on and so too do I. I fear it might be difficult to recapture the mood of these; oftentimes attempts to do so result in work that appears uninspired.

Moving on- shortly after this boar made his appearance here on Drawger the delightful Mrs SooJin Buzelli of Plansponsor magazine contacted me. She had an article on 'outsourcing' that she needed illustrated and she felt the wild boar and it's bustling burden made a good fit. Alas, whereas it fit conceptually it was in no way as ideal spatially. The space requiring an illustration was far more vertical.
The original image part of a series entitled "The Milliner's Campaign"
I was happy to oblige, although I wanted to take the opportunity to make some alterations to the image. Not necessarily because the size requirements dictated that I do so, but because I thought the notion of outsourcing would be better illustrated by a more temporary looking means of affixing the structure to the creature. I imagined the industry was being moved, and would be unlashed when it arrived at it's destination. I also wanted the structure to have a more industrial feel, as the original skewed a bit more vague in it's origin.
Lastly, I thought it would add to the story if the climate in the image were some way unfavorable, making outsourcing an attractive option. Adding a gray and gloomy firmament and a ground flooded with black water did the trick.
At one point a rhino was set to make the scene, but that never panned out. I like rhinos.
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