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Turn On Your Teevee!

FEBRUARY 27, 2006
All Hail Genndy Tartakovsky!
I've always had a thing for animation - I'd go so far as to say that it is one of my primary influences and inspirations. I swear. if I could only capture one tenth of the magic that was "Fractured Fairy Tales"  I'd spend the rest of my days building monuments to myself. Some of my most vivid memories are of waking up with the sun on Saturday mornings and planting myself in front of the tube for a cavalcade of cartoons.
i lived through the mid seventies, arguably animation's darkest hour. The era of looping backgrounds, minimal motion and a near criminal lack of attention to craft. As I got older my interest waned .The Anime boom that started in this country with the cult hit Akira rekindled my interest. I started collecting 'japanimation" cassettes, but soon burned out on it. Later, as DVD reissues became more readily available, I started adding to my stash. Some notables include the Rankin-Bass "Mad Monster Party" and the Fleischer Bros "Superman" series.
A few years back i was laying  on the floor in a state of post meal torpor and came across the Samurai Jack premiere movie. The six-year-old in me immediately came to life, which for me is really what it's all about. I watched every frame in rapt bliss - I was immediately hooked.
Director Genndy Tartakovsky is a visionary. Not only has he revived the artistry of animation, he's elevated it. George Lucas managed to effectively strangle the gloden goose that was Star Wars with one exception. As a fan of the Samurai Jack series, he had the sense to hire Tartakovsky and Co to produce a series of animated 'prequel' pieces to air before the release of the movies. These episodes manage to eclipse Lucas' movies tenfold. The action is more exciting, the artistry is breathtaking, and the cheesy humor and hamfisted direction are mercifully absent. They, along with Samurai Jack seasons 1 and 2 are available on DVD. Buy them, watch them - every frame a work of art. No need to thank me- it's just what I do.
Since I can't 'screen grab', I had to steal an image from the www. Sorry, whomever I stole it from - send me a bill. Lookit this, though. Look at the painted background - nobody does that anymore. Beautifully stylized character design and mind-blowing color. I stand in awe because it's awesome. End of fan rant. Thank you.
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