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Dinosaur, Junior

AUGUST 16, 2006
Murph, J, and Lou- Dinosaur, Jr. August 29th at Warsaw in Brooklyn. See ya there- maybe.
Just got an e-mail the the reformed Dinosaur, Jr will be playing late this month here in Brooklyn. I saw them at one of their first 'big' shows at the Ritz in Manhattan back in 1987 and it was one of the loudest, most anarchic, most exhilirating shows I've ever seen.
I saw them early this year at Summerstage and somehow it just wsn't the same. Maybe because 20 years have gone by; that'll dull the edge somewhat no matter WHO you are. Maybe it was just the open air venue wasn't the proper location. Don't know, but I'm a little reluctant to go to this upcoming show; there's something depressing about them.
Not depressing to see a band reforming, so much. More that I'm old enough that the bands I loved in college are going out on 'reunion' tours, like they're Jan and Dean or something.
Friday night the New York Dolls are playing downtown- a free show. I wanted to go- they're on the top of the Rock N Roll pyramid- but thinking about it gave me pause. Most of the original members are dead, and some of natural causes! I guess it's best to let the memories remain golden- there's no way to recapture the awe and glory of rock-n-roll when it matters to you most- in your youth.
Anyhow, I was inspired to do this portrait of Dinosaur, Jr. while waiting for a client to respond to sketches. Again trying to Photoshop instead of teh usual methods. I was thinking of the great 'rock art' of the English artist Savage Pencil, a favorite of mine back in the day.
OK - Memory Lane tour is over; Please exit the bus in an orderly fashion.
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