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A Recap Of Yesterday's Meeting

AUGUST 11, 2006
This image here to fill space. Should not be interpreted as relevant.
OK, maybe I was a little verbose. Sorry.

What I'd hoped to get from you Drawgerites was some advice on how to spend my ( admittedy meager) advertising dollars. A friend of a friend placed an ad in "Black Book RAW" ( kinda gives me the stupid chills, that "Raw" - is "Raw" the new "Extereme"?) and got a couple of life-altering gigs.

I need life-altering gigs. I love my job, but really. I want to work less for more money. C'mon people- aren't we all in this together? Don't you wanna see the underdog emerge victorious, like that autistic kid that hit like 15 three-pointers in a row in the last game of the season? Who doesn't love that? Help me become that heroic autistic kid!

That's all. You guys know how I feel about you- you're like brothers and sisters to me.
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