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I Hate Music

FEBRUARY 22, 2006
Licensed...to Rock! A rare peek at Joe Strummer's driver's license.
I read somewhere that at some point in everyone's life, they give up on music- they just figure that what they listened to in college or high school was the last great music ever produced and they settle in and grow a moustache and a paunch and work for a vinyl replacement window company and drive a leased Nissan to and from the package store.
Well, that might be partially true. If you, like me, live in one of the largest and most culturally diverse cites in the entire world, then you can count on one thing: godawful radio programming. It's a fact - top 40 ( A misnomer- in reality, it seems there's only about 16 songs on the playlist at any given time), frantic salsa-merengue, "urban" . It's enough to make a man stay in bed all day eating Pop-Tarts and drinking Fresca and watching Golden Girls reruns. OK, maybe that's not why I did that. Whatever- let's move on.
I found this thing called LastFM on the world-wide internet. I'm sure there's millions of streaming music sites and all; maybe this one's no different. But it's awful swell and pretty intuitive. Give it a try here- it don't cost ya nothin':
Or spend another week listening to Toto - it's your call. I'm just sayin'.
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