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Apologies To Gentleman Jim

FEBRUARY 18, 2006
Sorry, jim.
A few years back, i had some "zine" that had an ad in it for some unremarkable garage rock outfit. They'd swiped some Jim Flora piece for the artwork. Naive pip that I was, I was completely unfamiliar with Mr Flora's work. So, doing what one of limited imagination does, I decided to (in the parlance of the professional commercial artist) "rip it off". Here is the product in all it's dubious glory:
Buy this album. Or don't- it's not like MY wallet gets any fatter!
The band, Sour Jazz, went on to produce a few other great sides. Fans of Iggy Pop, The Saints, Radio Birdman, The Beasts Of Bourbon et.al would do themselves a favor by checking 'em out. Like every teenage girl and pimply WWF enthusiast in the known universe, they have a myspace page. Go there to hear the tunes for free, then download them illegally. Don't look all like, "who, me?"
Anyhow, here's their latest - with cover art by little ol' me, natch!
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