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Year Of The Enormous Dog

FEBRUARY 16, 2006
Junior- Rest In Peace, Old Pal.
We lost our pal ( and company mascot) Junior in December. And by "lost" I mean he died. Junior would have been near impossible to physically lose; he was 110 lbs and stuck to my side like glue. So when he died his absence was keenly felt. Mostly by me- he was always my dog. The Veal, our Boxer, was pleased as punch to be queen bitch for a while.
Enter Okie aka 'Good Times". He's our newest family member, a Dogue de Bordeaux or French Mastiff. So far he's been a dream; easy going, confident, smart and friendly. He's twelve weeks old and has been with us for almost a month. Yeah, he's the same dog as was in the Tom Hanks classic " Turner and Hooch", and yeah, he's likely to grow to somewhere in the 130 lb range. No sign of any real taste for crime fighting, yet, but he's still young.
Okie, 12 weeks old
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