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FEBRUARY 29, 2008
Okie and Champ make themselves comfortable on the kitchen floor.
Pets are the greatest people I know. We love 'em so much around here that one wasn't enough. Last Sunday we adopted Champ aka Tiny Tiger through Adopt-A-Boxer Rescue  and we couldn't be happier about it. Okie and Champ are settling in nicely as these photos would suggest.

Champ was given up by his previous owners because he 'barked, chewed, dug the houseplants, attacked the vacuum cleaner and soiled the house.' After 5 short days here he's exhibited none of those behaviors; he needed nothing more than consistency, guidance and (most of all, I suspect) exercise. 45 mins in the park every morning and he's a prince all day long.

And I vacuumed today, too.

Welcome home, Champ. we're glad you're here.
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