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Piggybacking To Vancouver

FEBRUARY 17, 2008
This gentleman received a hefty settlement after a melee with a security guard left him bruised and toothless
A short while ago I was contacted (via Illoz- vive le Illoz!)  by a Mr Randall Watson on behalf of Vancouver Magazine. He had a handful of spots to accompany an article spotlighting the Worst of Vancouver in the year of 2007.

Being a fairly crabby man who finds great solace in complaining I felt confident that Mr Watson had reached out to the right man for the job. It was great fun and Randall was a joy to work with; he let me do what I do and made a few suggestions all of which were helpful. A rare job in which I felt neither shorted for time or money- both were ample.

I've found a friend in our neighbors to the North. In fact, most of my best gigs in recent years have swept down on the icy arctic Canadian breeze. Thank you, gentle friends. Labatt's and back bacon for the house! I'm buying!
A patient whisked off to the ER found to bleed green blood. Evidently this is common amongst Vulcans.
A young woman was apprehended in a supermarket after complaints that she was stabbing the produce and menacing the customers with large knives.
Within a month police discovered two left feet floating in the river.
Plans to populate Stanley Park with life-size mechanical dinosaurs provoke outrage
A family calls police to surrender a human skull found in their linen closet. Apparently it had been in the family for years although no one knew to whom it belonged.
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