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A Little Hocus-Pocus From A Non-Believer

DECEMBER 10, 2007
Several years ago my career as an illustrator was flourishing in a manner I never could have foreseen. Despite the fact that my abilities were meager and my attitude was unfailingly bad, my work was sought after by a multitude of clients.
Recently I was looking over some of my past output that I'd archived and largely forgotten about. One of the works that simultaneously intrigued me and brought upon stinging waves of shame was a series of tarot cards I'd done for Comedy Central. I'm afraid I can't recall the reason I was called upon to produce them, but the drawings themselves were such clumsy lefthanded scrawlings I was shocked that they were ever deemed acceptable by the client.
In any event, I was inspired to revisit them. Here are the results. I am too ashamed to show the originals, although I recognize the appeal of comparing before and after. Sorry.
OK, fine. I'm showing the originals, but under duress. I agree, it makes for a more interesting post. Have at 'em.
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