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A Dramatic Re-enactment Of A Recent Commission

OCTOBER 15, 2007
Them: Wanna do a supercool gig?

Me: Yeah, I surely do.

Them: Seriously, get this: It's a drawing of a soldier on a hallucinogenic trip while wearing virtual reality glasses. Are you feelin' it?

Me: Well, I don't usually talk like that, but yeah- I guess I AM "feelin' it". Yeah...yeah, I am!

Them: OK, here's the thing: we need it quick and fast and we have such a paltry budget that you'd be better off giving it to us for free and declaring it a charitable donation on your 07 income taxes, ai-ight, Dawg?

Me: Great!

Amendment: Actually, none of the above conversation took place. Although the 'no time, no money'  portion of the dialogue is technically accurate.
In fact I was contacted via e-mail by an extremely gracious woman to whom it was nearly impossible to say no. She basically assured me artistic freedom, which was all I needed to hear.

Epilogue: It appears the editor has decided to 'go in a different direction'.
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