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Working Hard and Hardly Working

AUGUST 1, 2007
Here's the house as it looked when we first occupied.
Greetings from everybody's second favorite Jewish carpenter. I've been busy as a one-legged tapdancer over here trying to get our humble home all buttoned up before our progeny arrives in all it's hungry and demanding glory.

Here's a look at the progress so far. I hope to be caulking and painting by late tomorrow.
Exterior siding and brick fill removed. Dust swept, vacuumed and swept again. Framing out new windows where drafty door once was.
Plywood sheathing on the exterior. You're seeing my studio (partially clad) and the kid's room (full dollhouse mode).
Fully framed and clad in 3/4 ply. Starting to look like a house.
Here's where I'm starting today. Ply, housewrap, fanfold insulation are all done. Window frames and clapboard are going up.
As it stands, my 'illustration career' has taken a bit of a backseat. I did accept a couple of jobs during this stretch just to take the edge off the supply bills. I'll post one of them in the near future.
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