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If Icon, I Will

JULY 6, 2007
Say what you will, Canadian government: an apple will NEVER satisfy the way a personal size 'meat lover's' pizza will. NEVER.
Thought I'd take a break from the home renovation postings and focus on something a little more relevant to the Drawger realm. This being an illustration blog and all. Thanks for asking, though- the renovation work is going swimmingly. Almost ready to enter 'phase 3': the exterior.

Anyhow, what I was getting at is this: I AM an illustrator (according to my tax returns) and as such I'm occasionally called upon to produce icons. Actually, I'd go so far as to say 'frequently'. Sure, magazine covers and national ad campaigns and toy designs and the like are swell and have their supporters and acolytes, but who'll stick up for the modest icon?

I happen to love doing these things. These were done for our neighbors to the North; evidently the Canadian government  seems to think that refined sugars and preservatives aren't healthy alternatives to fresh fruits and vegetables. As an American raised on Tang and Pixie Stix, I find this an alarming bit of juju science, but Canadian dollars are as green as anybodies and who am I to get in the way of their dietary experimentation?

Actually, they paid me by check- are Canadian dollars green? I know they have beavers on their nickels.
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