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Studio In Transition

MAY 21, 2007
Storage Closet for filing cabinets, art supplies and tools. This abuts the powder room.
Been a little low-profile on the Drawger circuit lately, and I wanted to dispel the rumor that I'd married a Bolivian prostitute and was overseeing a Canadian muskrat farm. Simply not true ( she's from Uraguay ).

Actually, Mrs W and I are expecting a baby in October and, upon learning the news, I did what any other expectant father would do: I went into a blind panic and started swinging a hammer with reckless abandon.
framing out the powder room/closet.
When we bought this house, the hippie that owned it previously had dome some interesting 'renovations' of her own, one of which was adding a tub, sink and toilet to the back bedroom. This room was to be my studio. I removed the filthy claw-foot tub and sold it via Craig's List to a zaftig goth girl and her diminutive boyfriend. The sink was worthless- I tossed it. I opened the walls and capped the plumbing. But the toilet remained in the corner, hidden behind a bookcase.
Grouting commences tomorrow.
One thing I've been meaning to do was build a 1/2 bathroom in this corner. Junior's impending arrival lit a fire under my ass; this was the first order of business. Against the side wall of the bathroom will be a large storage closet.
Now THAT's a messy studio.
I'll be ripping down the ceiling, shoring up the sagging subfloor and sistering a sagging joist, insulating and running all new electrical, including a dedicated AC line. Directly above my office will be junior's room - it'll be getting the same treatment.

Lastly, I'll be breaking out the back wall, framing it out for 2 new large double hung, low-e windows and adding R19 denim insulation.

Next winter we'll all be warm and snug- the past 2 years the studio was actually windy.
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