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Steroids Can Be Fun!

MARCH 21, 2007
Connect the 'backne' to complete a picture of a syringe!
I've been up to my chinny-chin-chin with a variety of productivity-sucking activities- tax prep, car repairs, doctor's appointments... a full and cripplingly boring cavalcade of errands and responsibilities.

Stiil, I know how my eager audience checks in on an hourly basis to see what gems I've posted for their delectation and/or edification. Trust me, readers, it's not a responsibilty I take lightly.

With this in mind, I give you an oldie but a goodie: A 'fun page' I did under the direction of Sports Illustrated's talented art director Linda Root. This was completed during the Barry Bonds steroid speculation era and was originally meant to feature Bonds personally. SI's lawyers thought better of that and the 'slugger' was changed to a generic player.

Hope you enjoy these puzzles. You'll have to flip your monitor upside down for the answers.
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