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Why Do Bunnies DJ?

MARCH 14, 2007
1997 ( I think) MTV VMA ad for Elektra Records.
What is it that makes these lop-eared little scamps love to spin the hits? It's a mystery that's stoked the artistic fires of all of us at one point, I'm certain. See Mr Leo Espinosa's earlier post for further proof.

This one was an ad in the MTV Video Music Awards program for Elektra Records. Unfortunately, the final artwork is contained only on a dusty Zip Disk, an obsolete format that I have no means to read.

I'm posting this unimpressive bit of scrawl only because I ( and maybe  I'm alone in this) found it to be an amazing coinky-dink that Studio Espinosa is currently showcasing an (admittedly MUCH better) image of a DJing bunny. What are the odds?
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